History of Deposit

1930s  Chilisai phosphorite deposit was discovered by Soviet geologists.

1970s  Geology of the deposit was studied in detail:

1980s  Large fertilisers plant producing phosphate flour was built at the Chilisai site (according to IFA, the Soviet Union consumed 8.5 million tonnes of P2O5 in 1988).

1990s  Operations were abandoned after fertiliser demand collapsed, following the break up of the Soviet Union.

2000s  In 2004 Temir Service LLP won a public tender and received Subsoil Use rights for the Licence territory. In 2006 80% of Temir Service was acquired by Sunkar Resources. In 2009 Sunkar Resources finished consolidation of 100% of Temir Service.

The general infrastructure in the region was developed in the Soviet era. Building fertiliser producing facilities at the Chilisai deposit was a project of merit for the Soviet Union, so vast resources were allocated to development of infrastructure in the region.

The Soviet fertiliser project in the 70s and 80s gave impulse to the development of nearby town of Oktiabrsk which now has a population of 41,000 habitants. Oktiabrsk has been renamed to Kandagash.